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Dumortierites :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 5 0 29Faces challenge 26-29_Anakoni Konda [animated] :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 1 0 29Faces challenge 18-25_The letter Y :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 3 0 29Faces challenge 12-17_Dumortierites :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 3 0 29Faces challenge 9-11_Ruby, Garnet, Sapphire :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 1 0 29Faces challenge 4-8 :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 6 7 29Faces challenge 1-3_Josho, Kenji and Ryder :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 11 5 PC_Owen :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 4 0 PC_Elymas :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 3 1 PC_Zhude Quinelis :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 5 6 Papyrus is a cool dude :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 11 13 Papyrus :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 19 7 Papyrus_lineart :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 10 2 Marta Mortem :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 8 3 Tondra Loncar :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 11 2 Contest entry_On top of the world :icontrifleconfusion:TrifleConfusion 23 2


Draw an Alternative/Your Vision of my Ocs Contest
Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen~!
I hope that everyone is having a wonderful time out there and continues in doing so. As the title said, I decided to host a contest, very first one too. So lets get straight to it shall we?
~Baselines to the Contest~
So the baselines of this contest is not just drawing my ocs, but rather draw them in either your own vision of them or an alternative version. What I mean by an alternative version is to create them in like a different timeline, Modern, Future, Steampunk, Gothic, etc, or change them by changing their personalities. You could even change my ocs's race to fit your vision or even change the character status. For example of character status change, Perri is Queen of the Moon Elves, you can change her so maybe she's actually a rouge or an outlaw instead.
Airiean:(Please note she is the left one.) Death God Form:
:iconmagiccrazymagician:MagicCrazyMagician 23 22
[DA] Adonis [video] :iconzizanchan:ZizanChan 42 6 1st place prize :iconmaraariana01:maraariana01 7 8
Nothing like the Classics-Kirby Classic Card Event

Next month is April, meaning Kirby's Birthday is right around the corner and you know what that means....!
A neat crafty card event is right around the corner!
So this year's theme is thanks to a suggestion by ShadedPenumbra who suggested we do a limited color palette based on the Original Gameboy.
I will be extending that idea to N64 and would like to see some polygon style art in some paper-crafting style. The challenge should be to pick an older game and stick to the overall feel of the game whether that be the color palette, style and feel of the game.
So games Kirby's dreamland (1992) to Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards (2000)
General Rules
Be as creative
:iconkirbylaplz:You can post as many B-day card designs as you want.
:iconkirbydummyplz: This can be a traditional card or a digital one. You can make pop up cards, a flattened out clay card, an animated E card, etc! However, I would lik
:iconthekirbygroup:TheKirbyGroup 2 9
Ford (Holden) :icon1eni1:1Eni1 105 18 Sap :iconthehollylord:TheHollyLord 123 26
Yep! It’s time, ladies and gentlemen, to finally announce the winners!
But before we do that, I want to inform you that I changed the prizes just a tiny bit. Because my tablet is…well…kinda dead…that means there won’t be any digital art. But don’t worry! You will still get art as a prize, but it will be traditional art. I hope it’s not a problem Sweating a little... 
Okay, it’s time. I must say, it was really, and I mean REALLY hard to choose. Now, let’s see the winners!
3rd place goes to
CrazyTigra32 with the extremely adorable entry:

The colors and shading are really good! I really like the background too! It’s pretty and creative! Good job!
Your prizes are
:iconmaraariana01:maraariana01 2 18
Sunflowers Dawn :icon12bluros:12bluros 31 2
Features, Promotions, Possible Requests? UPDATED
Hello, watchers! I know have not written to you in a while... I have been swamped with art. And no... I have not posted everything on my account because I was afraid of spamming your inboxes. I was able to upload 40% of the works I have created... I'll get the rest uploaded by the end of March for sure. With that I want you guys to know what all I have been up to!
:iconParadoxAdopt: ParadoxAdopt :iconParadoxAdopt:
I have made a new account where I shall be posting OCs that you can adopt. I did not want to flood your inboxes with art that is not related to my own. I'll be, however, posting art of my OCs and their storylines on this account as the art is going to be in my style. So if you guys are interested then please check out my account. I am still working on getting all of them up. Sometimes I'll be posting free to adopt OCs...other times I'll have them available for all ranges. From art exchange, OC exchange, to points and money. All depending on the media I used t
:iconparadoxsketchbook:ParadoxSketchbook 1 4
Reference Sheet - Kirby Gijinka :iconcelestiadragonknight:CelestiaDragonKnight 23 11 Harmony :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 333 15 Return :iconpajunen:Pajunen 982 87 Miss Lemon Maid :iconsaskle:Saskle 32 19 Collab Entry - Galacta Knight :iconcelestiadragonknight:CelestiaDragonKnight 60 9 Earth and Sky :iconjonou:Jonou 138 47 :AP 4/4: finish him :iconyeiiowsubmarines:yeIIowsubmarines 19 2




TrifleConfusion has started a donation pool!
305 / 13,600
I need dA moneys :iconmoneyplz:
This is for a year's PM, a super group status for :iconfederationofdarkness:, and events!

:new: Cheap commissions!
Check my journal for commission details! -->
Commissions start at 50 :points:! :O

You must be logged in to donate.


Commissions challenge OPEN! Starting at 50 :points:!

   :skullbones:   Visit My Gallery   :skullbones:   Note me   :skullbones:   

Hiya! My goal is to do 200 commissions, will you help me achieve my goal? :la:
Alternatively, will you join me in this challenge and try to get 200 commissions of your own? :highfive: 

Points will go to subscriptions (1-year-PM & super group status) and events (e.g. puzzle hunt, contest, etc.)!

This is first come first serve! 


Commission guidelines

I'll draw just about anything, just ask me and I'll probably do it. If I for some reason am uncomfortable doing it, I'll kindly let you know.
I can work with both pictures and/or descriptions.

All commissions will be traditional art only. Check my examples below to see for yourself this doesn't retract from the image quality.


Price guidelines

Without background, per 1 subject (e.g. 1 character, portrait, car, object, etc.)
50 :points:
+0 :points: (lineart is for free, and will always be included if you add colour)
+30 :points:

With background, per 1 subject (e.g. 1 character, portrait, car, object, etc.)
70 :points:
+0 :points: (lineart is for free, and will always be included if you add colour)
+30 :points:

This means that if, for instance, you want 2 characters, colour, no background, it'll cost 2×(50+0+30)= 160 :points:

Example artworks:
Cat skull by TrifleConfusionMarta Mortem by TrifleConfusionPapyrus_lineart by TrifleConfusion
Papyrus by TrifleConfusion Yunti Davor by TrifleConfusionVaska New Year by TrifleConfusion Contest entry_On top of the world by TrifleConfusionTondra Loncar by TrifleConfusion



  1. You pay me 50% of the payment up front.
  2. I draw your commission.
  3. I upload a small preview to my
  4. You pay me the other 50%.
  5. I send you the full image via, and I upload a 900px version to my gallery.
You don't like the end result? You keep 50% of the payment, and I keep 50% for the effort. 


If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

  1. :iconfeibelle: - PC_Zhude Quinelis by TrifleConfusion {EMOTE} :checkmark: 
  2. :iconthenaughtyfish: - PC_Elymas by TrifleConfusion {EMOTE} :checkmark:
  3. :icon99liberty: - PC_Owen by TrifleConfusion {EMOTE} :checkmark:
  4. Loading Icon ultramini

Heart-and-rosa by KmyGraphicThank you for reading!

Non-PM "Skin" created by: candle-earth
Artworks by: proud-pyramid, Bulldoggenliebchen


TrifleConfusion's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Just letting y'all know this is not a new user, I'm originally :icontrifle-confusion:, but I wanted a fresh start, hence this account :)

My old alt accounts
will also be unified under this account! Yeah I had too many side accounts :stare:

Feel free to say hi :meow:



I'm mainly a traditional cartoon artist, but I also do pixel art, animation/gifs and occasionally digital drawings!
I love Kirby, DBZ, Sonic the Hedgehog, Eternal Darkness, Asterix and Obelix, Suske en Wiske, and lots more :)
I have a ton of original characters, and there always seem to be coming more :dummy:

Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123

My time: [Clock]

Personal dA-related Email:

My ComicFury page:   My Newgrounds account:


(I can't make the text smaller anymore. dA insists that we can't read small texts >.< )
I was tagged by :iconchristnme7778:

1. You can do it if you want to.
Each person has to share thirteen things about themselves.
3. Answer thirteen questions asked to you, and invent thirteen different questions.
4. Choose some of your friends to answer these questions.
5. Tag-backs are allowed
6. You must do this in a journal entry :giggle:. Not as a comment.
7. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the journal/journal description.

Thirteen facts
1. I'm a girl
2. I just had dinner - pasta :dummy:
3. I'm drinking water right now
4. I got a commission! :la:
5. I have autism
6. This afternoon I went running
7. I love chocolate ^^
8. I love giving and receiving llamas! :iconllamalaplz:
9. I'm having trouble coming up with 13 facts :XD:
10. I receive about 1500 deviations per day in my inbox, and I haven't even joined all the groups and rewatched all the people I watched on my old accounts :O
11. I want to host a feedback week in week 11, the week from March 13 :la: I'm still working out the details
12. I love all sorts and genres of music :music:
13. I don't always go to everyone's pages to thank them for faves, because I don't want to spam people's pages, but I do appreciate every single fave I get ^^

:iconchristnme7778:'s questions
1. What type of people do you surround yourself with?
I'm not entirely sure, mostly people around my age I guess :shrug: and people who also have some sort of creative hobby and/or who enjoy casual sports.
2. Do you consider yourself a friendly person or a person who keeps to themselves?
Both? ^^; I'm usually friendly, but when I'm around people (strangers or acquaintances) I like to keep to myself a bit. I find chit-chat hard to do and boring with most people (because I don't know them well enough), so that's why.
3. What is the weirdest thing you've ever done?
Ehh, some psychotic/dissociative stuff, and I'm not saying anymore.
4. What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? (if you tell me I will tell you if you ask me to I may even give a different embarrassing story to each person who requests me to tell)
Pfff, the most embarrassing? Probably my screaming at my phone when someone was texting me and i wanted them to stop :shrug: I was a mess back then. It was embarrassing, because I wasn't alone in the house and I must've sounded like such a nutcase. still not the craziest thing I've done though. 
5. What do you value more? Honesty or Friendship? Why? 
Honesty, because a friendship built on lies isn't a friendship at all. trust me, I should know. Plus I get paranoid, so if I find out you're lying to me, I'll go nuts and then the friendship won't last. 
6. Would you consider yourself superficial or honest? Why/how do you know?
I'm not sure, I guess honest (because I'm a pretty bad liar), but I won't always point out flaws (unless really asked for), because I don't want to demoralize a person. I strongly believe improvement comes from encouragement/reward, not discouragement/punishment. 
7. Do you like cats or dogs more? Or bunnies... or penguins...?
Cats! Kitties! ^^
8. Who will take over the world first? Bunnies, penguins, or kittens?
Bunnies. they're so cute ^^
9. What is the craziest thing you've ever done? Not weird, not embarrassing, just flat out crazy.
Same answer as before :P
10. How many pencils do you own? 
Well over 100. I have 78 I use regularly, but I have several pencil cases sorted on colour as backup.
11. How many sketchbooks do you own?
I think only 1 or 2. I usually draw on print paper, so yeah.
12. What type of music do you like the most?
70s rock music, punk/metal, and the style of Infected Mushroom, but it really depends on my mood. 
13. What is your favorite song?
I don't have an alltime favourite, but I like the following:

My questions
1. What's your favourite song?
2. What do you do outside of dA? like do you go to school, do you work, other hobbies?
3. What's your favourite food? :la:
4. How much exercise per week do you do?
5. How would you define reality?
6. What is true love?
7. Have you ever felt like a total outcast?
8. Do you believe in luck?
9. Do you keep a diary or journal?
10. What motivates you to get up every day and do the things you do?
11. Why do you create art?
12. What is something you're grateful for?
13. What kind of feedback would help you improve? (Are you looking for feedback at all?)

I tag

do it if you want to, you're not obliged to do it, and you can also do it even if I didn't tag you! 
Aghhh I have 2 appointments today; I feel so rushed!
Nox Arcana is the best for all your dark music needs! :skull:
In the month of February I'll be joining the #29faces challenge! basically you draw a new face/portrait every day :la: I'll probably do all of mine black/white, to practice :)
not sure when to do the 29th face though, as there are only 28 days this year...
Anyway, let me know if you'll join this challenge too! :la:
only the most epic Kirby remix soundtrack ever


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